It takes one to know one.

We understand start-ups because we used to be one ourselves. We know about bold and hopeful beginnings, we know about success as well as the odd setback and, above all, about the challenges that come with growth. We are driven by innovation, something we have in common with our clients. We enjoy accompanying them on this path – from the early stage to profitability.

Do business, but know the risks.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Without a certain willingness to take a risk, founders are unlikely to get beyond the pre-seed stage. However, it is important to keep damage away from the company and oneself. To be able to do this, the management needs to know where the limits are between (residual) risks and dangers. Advice on prevention is not in line with the way we see ourselves; we are open to unconventional ideas and almost always find a way to implement them effectively and in a legally secure manner.

It’s a people’s business, always.

In the beginning, start-ups can often hardly afford to recruit excellent and therefore expensive employees, and certainly even less so mediocre to poor employees. Therefore, they have to be creative in the competition for talents: intrapreneurship, non-cash benefits and a workplace that can be adapted to private needs must be attractive and legally secure. Thanks to our international network, we are also able to do this across borders.

Preserve what makes you distinct.

In a market economy, one cannot help but deal with the competition. In order to establish an optimal defence, we work with an interdisciplinary network of experts with which we have built a trustworthy relationship over many years.

Steady wins the race.

With „ product-market-fit“, growth begins – at least ideally. The business model is scaled, investments in marketing, sales and staff are made. We have the quantitative and qualitative capacity to stand by our clients at all stages, in operational as well as strategic questions.

Our Team: Dr. Tobias Pusch, Dr. Falko Daub, Maren Burkhardt, Kristina Schilder, Dr. Anna Franziska Hauer, Teresa Gabele

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