Service and quality are the leitmotifs of everything we do at L&E Global

L&E Global is the worldwide leader for cross-border labor and employment law services. Spanning 6 continents, L&E Global’s member firms are ideally situated to provide clients with pragmatic, commercial advice necessary to achieve their objectives, wherever they operate.

One world, one contact

Our members work closely with corporate, legal, human resources departments and corporate executives across a variety of sectors and industries to address the strategic and tactical issues that arise in the workplace. In addition, we help our clients become more efficient by assisting in the business decision process and pointing out ways of implementing decisions as early and as cost-effectively as possible. When you engage one of our member firms, you will work with a responsible partner who will bring together an international team with the appropriate expertise, coordinate all labor and employment services and communicate regularly with you to ensure that your needs are being met and that you are satisfied with our services, as part of L&E Global’s systematic quality plan that we call ‘QualityWorkx©’.

Global presence, local perspective

Even in the era of far-reaching international trade agreements and regional economic and political partnerships, the majority of laws and regulations governing the workplace are still determined by the individual countries where employees work. Our contacts with employment lawyers in 80+ countries worldwide help clients navigate the maze of employment regulations, contractual agreements and other legal requirements employers have to contend with in their business.

A world of legal solutions

In a world where law firms’ quality of service and fees are under constant pressure, L&E Global’s member firms have successfully deepened and diversified their existing practices in order to provide comprehensive employment law services to clients ranging from large, multinational corporations to entrepreneurial and emerging companies seeking to enter international markets. With L&E Global firms, clients receive high value services at competitive rates, from dedicated lawyers who work side-by-side with them to establish long-term business relationships. Our employment law specialists discuss the risks, opportunities and alternatives available to clients. Our members also have experience working with alternative pricing arrangements such as blended rates, fixed fees, capped fees, success fees and more, and they are prepared to work with clients to reach an agreement that best suits their needs and their budget.

Cutting-edge legal tech for today’s market and into the future!

The world is changing, and innovation is key in every business, including the legal industry. At L&E Global, we have a dedicated international team that is continuously researching, developing and testing the latest technology, in order to save billing time and consequently provide the client with specific advice more efficiently. L&E Global is also a member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA), an association of law firms, companies, legal technology providers, start-ups, and individuals in Europe.

Specialised, client-focused know-how on a global scale – the world at your fingertips!

We invite you to visit the L&E Global Knowledge Centre, where you can explore labor and employment law resources across six continents worldwide. From interactive microsites, to international webinars, global handbooks and insights on the latest labor and employment law developments, we offer clients a selection of customized know-how products and services to benefit their businesses. L&E Global, together with our member firms, help clients stay informed of the latest legal trends that could impact the workplace, by providing comprehensive legal analysis from around the world, now and in the future.

Please find the L&E Global Company brochure, Opening Up Shop Germany, Employment Law Overview Germany 2019-2020, Employment Law Overview 2019-2020 Global Edition and the Employees vs Independent Contractors Global Handbook 2017 in our Knowledge Center.

Industry awards

Over the years, L&E Global has received accolades from esteemed legal industry insiders including, among others, Chambers Global 2019 (Awarded “Elite” Status for Global-Wide Employment Law Networks) and The Lawyer European Awards 2016 (“Global Network of the Year”).