Our practice group Co-determination Management specializes in dealing with all legal, strategic as well as tactical issues in the area of operational and corporate co-determination.

In addition to our usual excellent analysis of the legal framework, we especially incorporate our many years of experience in corporate practice into our consulting services. In particular, we offer you consulting services based on a 4-pillar approach. This comprises practical knowledge acquired 1.) in management and politics, 2.) in the works council, 3.) in mediation, 4.) in HR management and it is based on the many years of experience of our consultants in various positions and areas such as

  • former member of the Board of Management of various companies in the energy and recycling industries, most recently as Chief Human Resources Officer of E.ON SE, and active member of the Supervisory Boards of RWE Generation SE and RWE Power AG,
  • independent member of a corporate, general and local works council at AOL Germany and former advisor to numerous works councils from companies in various industries,
  • long-time human resources manager with operational experience in the implementation of transformation projects,
  • trained mediator in labor law and collective bargaining conflicts.

In addition to this special professional range, we often look back on other professional experiences besides the practice of law, which make our understanding of trade unions, works councils and employees authentic and lively. Our knowledge and perceptions are therefore not only based on theoretically acquired knowledge, but have been gained in the context of tangible personal life and professional experience.

Experience has taught us that successful and constructive dealings with employee participation bodies are not based on being right or being the strongest in a specific situation, but on creating a viable solution that does justice to the interests of the individual participants in the long term and thus creates acceptance.

After identifying the relevant stakeholders, we analyze their interests and possible objectives and develop a conflict and agreement matrix to achieve the best possible congruence with corporate goals.

We have mastered the entire range of co-determination management, from forceful confrontation to balancing cooperation. We see ourselves not only as your legal advisors, but as assertive companions of your individual project.

We pay special attention to the connection between company co-determination and corporate co-determination in terms of labor law and corporate law, but also in the factual sense. In doing so, we also include the European stock corporation.

Our Team: Dr. Tobias Pusch, Thomas Wahlig, Dr. Holger Thomas, Katrin Scheicht, Dr. Tobias Brors, Dr. Alexander Lorenz, Anna Martin, Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti, Franz Donner, Paul Brummer, Johannes Wickler, Stefanie Götz-Dertinger, Julia Glock, Pauline Kuhn, Dr. Hannes Thormann, Cara Stegner, Jacqueline Volmari

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