We attach great importance to maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. For this reason, we offer the option of part-time work at all levels of the career path in addition to full-time positions.

This flexibility makes it possible to combine family and career over the long term and to find a suitable solution for exceptional life situations, such as illness or care of a relative. Further professional training can also be completed in this way.

At PWWL, this is not just an option that is available in theory – it is also implemented in practice:
four of our fifteen partners work part-time. A significant proportion of attorneys work flexibly, sometimes working from home.

PWWL offers the “PWWL Family” part-time model, and the “PWWL Flex” part-time model has also been available since 2016.

Part-time work is also available to employees in Business Services positions.

Our employees’ health is also important to us. In addition to annual in-house health days, we offer our employees fresh fruit each day, regular massages, and yoga during lunch breaks.